Mathematics Departments



The department is made up of an able team . Our objective is to de­mystify and popularize mathematics.

The team is led by Mr. Kioge C, a teacher with over 20 years teaching experience in National, county and sub-county schools. The department also boosta of having a CEMASTEA trainer, Madam Kimiti J who also has over 20 years teaching biology and chemistry at various schools.

Other teachers in the department include Mr. Kariuki, C. Ms Nicella, N, and Mr. Kibunja, G.

The department cordinates with other schools and attends regional and county mathematics and science fairs. The department also liaises with other government departments to improve the teachers through attendance of  INSETS and KNEC examiner training.

The department has embraced E-Learning and uses the E-Learning materials in delivery of science concepts to learners and this has contributed to learners accepting science subjects boosting their overall performance in KCSE.

We welcome new students and promise to add value to the learners.

C Kioge

HOD Mathematics & Science Department